She was born in the Hungarian capital Budapest, in the heart of the former Eastern Bloc in 1984. In conformity with the educational principles of the Socialist era, she first learned Russian language as a juvenile and received her first camera at the age of thirteen.

She graduated with a degree in Communication and Media Science at the University of
Szeged, Hungary in 2011. However, as for a profession, she considered pursuing photography, which then led her to opt for a career change. The following year, she was
certified as a professional photographer and began working at Tamas Kaunitz’s Photo Studio as his second shooter. Here, the junior lensewoman gained an insight into not only the technical background and specific know-how, but most importantly, visual art.

She quickly turned her side gig into a full-time job, gained traction in the industry and cultivated a huge audience of her followers. 
Ever since she has been constantly working on creating unique contents both in the vibrant, vivid and noisy capital and in the rural areas of Hungary. Her urban photography, with its monumentality and industrial motifs, includes architectural, fine art, portrait and landscape images that evoke the Socialist era in which the artist was born and which provides her with an enduring inspiration. Her interest in human portraits, landscapes and food photography brilliantly reflect her idiosyncratic style, individual perspective and pure sensibility.

Her work has been featured in a range of industry-leading magazines such as Playboy
Hungary, Glamour Hungary, Elle Hungary, Runner's World Magazine. In addition, she has
been assigned as the lead photographer at Havas Dóra’s Food Studio.

Over the last few years, alongside applied photography, she has also turned her attention to translating her emotions and inner voice into photography, that is exploring the ways she is able convey her artistic-self through autonomous, visionary images.
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